Solo Houses was created in 2010 to revolutionize the world of architecture in general, and the universe of the secondary home in particular. Following an uncompromised curatorial line, Christian Bourdais offers for sale a dozen houses built by the world's most talented architects of this generation.
The collection of unique homes is being built on an exceptional 50 hectares site two hours south of Barcelona, in the Mattaranya region.

Each project, a carte blanche handed to the architect, offers a unique architectural experience. Simultaneously, these homes act as a witness of our time by incorporating the desires and expectations of the 21st century family.

Through this exclusive and rare approach, we strive to make accessible the best architecture of today and to allow our clients to live it at a reasonable price.

Solo Pezo, the first home of this collection, will be delivered in October 2012 and is available for sale today. We also invite you to discover on our site Solo Fujimoto, Solo Faustino, and Solo MOS. Come back soon to discover Solo Marklee Johnston, Solo TNA, Solo Studio Mumbai, and Solo Office KGDVS.